Shaped cornered packaging, debossed… The latest style for liquid containers

It seems that in the last 6 months designs using this style of corners on packaging seems to be rising very quickly. The latest craze in liquid packaging?

See this great example below by agency AVC – (Agency of Visual Communication)


Follow the link for more information.

Bio-line Of Dairy Products on Packaging of the World – Creative Package Design Gallery –


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ABSOLUT UNIQUE – 4 Million Limited edition Bottles…

ABSOLUT UNIQUE this is just incredible, 4 million Limited Edition bottles everyone being unique

This really got me excited when I saw it in printweek magazine a few weeks ago. This is really cutting edge stuff, Its so cool, I know they’ve got a past with producing limited edition bottles but this just takes it to a whole another level.

Will coca cola follow suite?

Watch the video below about how there made truly inspirational

The Design Inspiration

The Inspiration website that’s Jam packed to the rafters with design and illustration inspiration. Over the recent month’s I’ve noticed that I’ve been popping on this website in my spare time to see what’s new, it really is a hive of activity.

Things that I think are particularly good on this website are the business card design section and typeface examples. There really is pages and pages of business card ideas which come in all shapes and sizes (as business cards aren’t just rectangle you know!)

So if you have any spare time in your busy designer life or you’ve had a unproductive day in front of your monitor head on over, you might just leave bursting with ideas.

Right then… Academy Class

Got to be another strong starting point when decided which software package you would like to learn next. I’m sure they need no introduction but they’re a Digital Media training company based in London, although don’t be put off by this because you are able take their classes up and down the country from what I can see.

offer the most extensive collection of classroom taught lessons out there. From preparing you for Adobe ACE exams to turning a beginning into a Adobe “super Hot-shot” their words not mine. So if you are planning on branching out into another piece of software to add to your resume there certainly worth a look even if they help you decide what to learn next or how advanced you are.

That’s why there being added to my Top Courses & Training List coming later in the year.

Keep your eyes peeled.

P.S if anyone has used AC in the past I would love to receive some feedback for them.

Creative Design School International

During my travels on the world wide web, I’m always on the look out for the next course to brush up my skills or teach me a thing or two.

Towards the end of 2011 I managed to find some cracking courses which I never seen advertised anywhere so I thought I’d share them with you.

Creative Design School International
Creative Design School International

Its a distance learning School based in Edinburgh, UK & Genoa, Italy. The thing that makes this School so interesting and different from several others is it has loads of proper courses that you don’t expect to find like;

  • Agency & Studio training
  • Creative Team building
  • Brand Survival Guide
  • Creative Process Techniques
  • Freelance – How to start and succeed
  • How to get your dream job
  • Planning advertising & marketing campaigns

Along with a whole host of the regular courses but a few that stood out to me were :

  • Packaging, tags and Label Design Diploma
  • Typeface Design
  • Brand and Corporate ID Design Diploma

Along with a few Adobe CS4 and CS5 training courses.

So they’ve got a lot of variety to choose from. So if you’re planning on taking a design course in the near future I would certainly recommend looking up Creative Design School international as a starting point.


P.S if anyone has taken any of the courses I’d love to hear some feedback below.